As most of you probably know already, a lot happened in August. This episode of Beyond the News is going to provide some updates to the stories we alr...View Details

40 - Connected by a Song

After 24 years, I finally got to be reunited with my cousin Mansfield at a powwow in Grand Rapids! It was absolutely surreal and so many things happen...View Details

Welcome back everyone! We've got not one guest, but two again! Jazmine Jarvis and Meagan Kimberly Smith, the founders of the non-profit organization M...View Details

After our month long journey through "When They See Us," we're going to be switching gears! Between all of the maternal feelings stirred up from watch...View Details

We have reached an end of an era! This is the last part of the beautiful work of art that is "When They See Us" directed by Ava DuVernay. Because most...View Details

"For Your Reference" podcast in the form of the amazing KT and Oti have graced us with their presence! They are our first couple interviewed and hones...View Details

We're over halfway through "When They See Us" and I'm still surprised by how things are unfolding. I think that I'm moving through the stages of grief...View Details

Hello again beautiful and colorful people! I asked earlier this week if you'd want an episode where I talk about some of the things that have happened...View Details

Continuing on with "When They See Us," I'm back with part 2 and this time without the tears. I learned my lesson with the first episode and I seriousl...View Details

When I first announced that I would be reviewing Netflix's mini-series, "When They See Us," I might have overestimated myself. I knew the story of The...View Details

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