The story of Will Norman and Gilbert Harris might not be well known, but their deaths and the Confederate Monument that stands where their deaths took...View Details

So my girlfriend and I are out! Pride and the days after were an emotional rollercoaster and we're both still processing. Through everything, we had a...View Details

Just kidding, this episode is more like "New Pride, Same Me." I know I'm not due to post until next week, but I felt like this was important to put ou...View Details

We're back with part 2 of the conversation with Mixed Girl Mane from Militantly Mixed! Due to technical and health issues, let's pretend it's still t...View Details

For the next two weeks of Asian American Pacific Islander Month, we're joined by Mixed Girl Mane from Militantly Mixed! Charmaine is a Mixed Black, Ja...View Details

We're back with part 2 of the conversation with Soph! We expand into some history of AAPI groups that aren't often talked about like the Hmong, Cambod...View Details

Soph from Asian_Soph and Mixed Present on Instagram is back to help bring Asian American Pacific Islander Month to our podcast! Asian Americans have a...View Details

I just watched Beyoncé’s Netflix special, Homecoming, and it made me more than proud to be a Black woman. Beyoncé is a cultural icon and basicall...View Details

What will it take to bring everyone to the table and have an honest conversation about race? Is such a thing possible in this current climate where it...View Details

You read that correctly, I am now living above the Mason-Dixon Line! It feels crazy to type and started just as crazy an urge to reevaluate my perspec...View Details

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